Animal lovers spend night with cats, dogs for Shelter Slumber Pawty

ASHWAUBENON – Like all good slumber parties, there was pizza, snacks, games and giggles, but this one came with the cutest of twists.

The guests spent the night in their pajamas sleeping alongside the cats and dogs at Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary’s Green Bay Adoption Center. Each person was paired with an animal awaiting adoption, snuggling up by them in dog kennels and cat rooms they transformed into their overnight accommodations with blankets, camping mattresses and favorite pillows.

They read their roomies a story before bed, treated them to some “spa time” brushing before it was lights out and woke up beside them the next morning for the shared experience of morning breath. The real perk? Companionship.

Tori Harvel prepares a kennel as her sleeping quarters for the night as part of Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary's Shelter Slumber Pawty on April 6 in Ashwaubenon.

Martin and Mathias, a pair of brothers adopted as kittens from HEA years ago and now recently back in the fold as seniors after the death of their owner, got company for the night as they adjust to shelter life. Cats Coco and Cookie just arrived at HEA the day before as a bonded pair and got to sleep with Kappa Beta Gamma sorority sisters from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay


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