Craftsman House: Everything You Need to Know

The telltale elements include cabinetry with inset doors, elegant latching hardware, and exposed hinges. The dining room eat-in nooks and plenty of other built-ins, as well as stained wood trim, echo the aesthetics. “The elaborate detail of exterior rafter ends and brackets also drive up the costs of a true Craftsman home,” Yeley adds.

Grochowski notes that the premium for this type of artistry is “roughly 20 to 30% more than a typical mass-produced home of another style.” This is in part because the master craftspeople are rare.

New York architect Eric J. Smith, who has over 35 years of experience working on traditional and classical architecture, including Craftsman-style home, points out that by its very nature, this design requires far more hours of labor, resulting in higher costs. “These homes will cost a premium—however, to me, it is more than worth it,” Smith says.

Is Craftsman style timeless?

You might not realize it, but if you have an open floor plan concept in your home, you can link it to the notes of spaciousness in the Craftsman style. “In the early 1900s, areas of the home like the kitchen were not generally open to the front rooms of the house,” Yeley says. “In Craftsman style homes, the living room and dining room of the house were very open to each other and seen immediately upon coming in the front door. The dining room was essential to the home as a gathering place for meals, as was the fireplace in the living room.”

Even if you don’t live in a true Craftsman house, chances are, your living space still has those elements that make this style timeless—everything from the breakfast nook to gorgeous built-in shelves (even if you painted the wood a moody hue).

Are Craftsman-style homes popular?

The return to seeking out Craftsman-style homes is very much a response to the fast furniture and its man-made mass-produced finishes that try to trick the eye as natural materials. Much like the industrial revolution, people are facing a digital revolution driven by technological advances that blur the lines of home design.

“Craftsman homes remind us of the gift nature has given us with the use of her trees as not just structure, but cabinetry, paneling, and floors,” Grochowski says. “The simple and honest details are easy to understand and remind us of how attention to connection matters. There is a truth in craftsman homes that we all need.”

What is another name for Craftsman-style home?

California bungalows or Craftsman bungalows are more localized references to the general Craftsman home style. The simpler, smaller bungalow-style homes are a nod at the “hand-rubbed and personally cared for sensibility that offers a warm and generous welcome that makes one feel very comfortable in these spaces,” Smith adds.


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