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Leisure Centres 

Saskatoon has six indoor Leisure Centres located throughout the city, plus the Terry Fox Track. Each Centre is unique and feature amenities like swimming pools, waterslides, indoor tracks, gymnasiums, sport courts, fitness and weight rooms, child minding and even a skating rink and wave pool!  

Cosmo Civic Centre 

3130 Laurier Drive | 306-975-3344

  • Gymnasium 
  • Fitness & Weight Room 
  • Racquetball & Walleyball Court 
  • Meeting Rooms, Multi-Purpose Room & Theatre 
  • Indoor Skating Rink 
  • Carlyle King Library  

Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre (CLOSED)

1110 Idylwyld Drive | 306-975-3321

  • Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre is closed for a major facility upgrade.  The last day of operation was  March 31, 2023 and is expected to reopen in 18 to 24 months.  Click here to learn more. 

Lakewood Civic Centre 

1635 McKercher Drive | 306-975-2944

  • Zero-depth Leisure Pool
  • 150 ft Waterslide (open for Public & Family swim.  Closed during Parent & Tot swim)
  • Hot Tub (open – closed for cleaning on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 5:00 pm)
  • Sauna 
  • Gymnasium
  • Fitness & Weight Rooms 
  • Multi-Purpose Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Child Minding 
  • Cliff Wright Library 

Lawson Civic Centre 

225 Primrose Drive | 306-975-7873

  • Zero-depth Wave Pool 
  • Hot Tub 
  • Sauna
  • Multi-Purpose Room 
  • Indoor Playground 
  • Fitness & Weight Room 
  • Rusty Macdonald Library 

Saskatoon Field House 

2020 College Drive | 306-975-3354

  • 6-lane, 200 metre Indoor Track
  • Indoor Badminton, Pickleball & Tennis* Courts  (to book courts, please call 306.975.3354.)
  • Fitness & Weight Room 
  • Steam Room/Sauna
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms 
  • Child Minding 
  • Dance Studio 

Shaw Centre 

122 Bowlt Crescent | 306-975-7744

  • 10-lane High Performance Competitive Pool 
  • Diving Boards & Platforms
  • 6-lane Warm-up Pool 
  • Family Pool with Waterslide 
  • Portable Aquatic Lift
  • Family & Adult Hot Tubs 
  • Fitness Centre & Walking Track 
  • Community Gymnasiums 
  • Multi-Purpose Room and Meeting Room 
  • Child Minding 
  • Outdoor Playground 
  • Multi-Purpose Outdoor Sport Fields

Terry Fox Track

150 Nelson Road | 306-975-3354

  • 2-lane, 365 metre Indoor Track 

Leisure Centre Locations and Popular Times

Google is here to help plan your visits to any of our leisure facilities.  Search the facility name in Google to find out if the facility is busy and how long people are typically spending at the facility.  This data appears in the ‘Popular Times’ section below the business information on Google Maps and Search.

Check it out now.  Click on a facility marker on the map below.  Once the facility listing pops up, click on ‘View in Google Maps’ to see how busy the Leisure Centre is right now. 


Quick Answer Guide

Question Answer

Why is showering mandatory before entering the pool?

It is a patron’s duty to help maintain better pool water quality and a healthier experience for all by showering before entering the water.  Dirt, perspiration, cosmetics, body oils, and traces of urine and fecal matter on the body all affect water quality.  

Chlorine is added to the water to fight off this organic matter.  When chlorine interacts with organic matter, trichloramines are formed and those trichloramines are what create the chlorine smell in the pool area.  A strong smell is an indicator that the chlorine is working hard to remove organic matter from the water.   High trichloramine levels are responsible for eye, throat, nose, lung and skin irritation. 

A pre-swim shower helps reduce the substances formed in the pool water when the organic matter found on swimmers combines with chlorine.  A clean, balanced pool will have very little chlorine smell. Wetting your hair and skin before entering the pool will also protect it and from becoming dry and damaged from the chlorine.

Can I wear a face mask?

Face masks are welcome in all areas except while using the pools and hot tubs.    

Do I need to pre-book a drop-in visit? A reservation is only required for select drop-in programs that have limited facility space or program equipment.  Drop-in program information including class times, locations and program reservations is available on Leisure Online.  Program reservations can be made online or by phoning the Leisure Centre that offers the program up to 2 days in advance. New programs open at 9:00 a.m. NOTE: You must be logged into your Leisure Online account to reserve a spot.  If you do not have a Leisure Online account, you can set one up at any time at Leisure Online.
Can I bring my own swim toys and personal floatation devices? Yes, however there are several restrictions. Mermaid tails require a swim test evaluation prior to being allowed, infant neck floats are not permitted, huge blow up toys may not be permitted depending on the swim time and capacity.
Are patrons able to choose the change room or washroom that aligns with their gender identity?

Yes. Patrons can choose the change room or washroom that aligns with their gender identity. The City of Saskatoon embraces diversity and ensures fair, respectful and inclusive treatment of all its residents. We understand that this is a divisive issue and makes some people uncomfortable. Gender identity is a protected right under the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, 2018 – a provincial law. 

Part of recognizing people’s rights is allowing them to choose which change room or washroom they use based on their protected rights. 

If anyone is uncomfortable with our policy, the City will make private spaces available for their use.   

More information is available in the Gender Inclusive Change Rooms & Washrooms Frequently Asked Questions.

Are lockers available for use? Yes. You may bring your own lock or use one that requires a token.  Tokens are $0.50 each.
Are towels available? No, except for in first aid situations.
Is the water wheelchair available? The water wheelchair is available for use when needed and will be disinfected between patron use.
Are spectators permitted during public swimming? Yes. Spectators are welcome during public swim times. 



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