Outrage over $130-per-night living room tent accommodation

It could pass as a cruel joke.

London househunters and accommodation seekers have been left gobsmacked after spotting tents up for rent in the middle of a living room for £68-a-night — $A130.

With prices for renting a room in the capital soaring, Londoners are becoming increasingly inventive with their living space.

The ads, which were posted on Airbnb, show one owner now offering for people to stay in “romantic” tents within their property, The Sun reports.

This cost varies by date and has discounts available which could see it drop to £38 ($A72) or £1,140 ($A2160) for a 30-day visit.

For this, guests can enjoy a centrally located spot between London’s iconic Mayfair and Covent Garden, with the exact location revealed upon booking.

In contrast, the average rent in London was £2,501 ($A4739) a month in April 2023, according to Rightmove.

Guests may also have to share their sleeping quarters with other visitors – with three tents visible in the living room photos.

Other amenities available include a kitchen, Wi-Fi, a dedicated workspace, airconditioning, washing machine and hair dryer.

The “tent”, described as “near the tube” also comes with a shared bathroom.

“You won’t forget your time in this romantic, memorable place,” the Airbnb description reads.

Despite the somewhat dire prospect of living in a tent indoors, many previous guests seem quite impressed with the basic offering – with the property holding an average rating of 4.45 stars.

Though some appear to have had issues with fellow tent neighbours.

“The apartment is very well located and easily accessible, [the host] is responsive and responds very quickly,” reads one review.

“On the other hand, we had to use a different bathroom every day, including once it was not clean at all (dirt, cigarettes on the floor, clutter …).

“In addition, the toilets in the common areas are not clean, and the sink is not clean either.

“Finally, we suffered the noise for two nights of the people from the room next door who went back and forth all night without worrying about being discreet for us.

“For 1 or 2 nights we recommend because it’s pretty decent, but no more [sic].”

The host took the opportunity to respond to this criticism, which came with a three-star review, explaining: “I am [apologising] for all.

“As the period of Christmas and New Year are the busiest time for us, some of our cleaners were on holiday. We will do well and improve our service [sic].”

With reviews of the tents going viral, one social media user dubbed the housing arrangement “insane”.

Meanwhile, another recent guest had a more pleasant experience and gave the basic accommodation four stars.

They wrote: “Not pretentious accommodation in a very central area, perfect for a short stay. Excellent communication with the host [sic].”

However, a previous guest did note the problems that can arise from renting a tent in a room full of potential strangers.

Still giving their tent a three-star rating, they wrote: “Excellent location rooms/shower /tents small and noisy.

“I slept in tent in living room [and] suddenly other guests all came to eat [sic].”

Meanwhile, online, people have shared other thoughts.

“Heading over to London next week for a few client meetings and new projects and was looking for accommodation on Airbnb, when this caught my eye,” wrote one person.

“I mean, props to them, they even put some ‘office space’ in there if you need to do a quick client call – all while sitting next to a snoring stranger who’s probably had one too many pints the night before!”

Someone else added: “Looking for a reasonable place to stay in London on Airbnb, I spotted this absolute bargain: a TENT in someone’s living room for £65 a night! Added extras: a shared TOILET and SINK.

“And they say that London is expensive.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission


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