Phoenix Is a Vibrant Tiny Home Perfect for a Vacation Rental in the Middle of Nature

Tiny homes on wheels are gaining more and more traction worldwide as a housing alternative for folks who seek to downsize their lifestyle and live more simply. But thanks to their efficient and versatile design, these compact structures with cute aesthetics and cozy interiors are also great candidates for vacation rentals, perfect for anyone who wants to spend more time in the great outdoors and get more in touch with nature. 

One such model that can be used either as a static living space/vacation rental or a mobile abode on a trailer that can take you and your family anywhere your heart desires is the Phoenix tiny home. With its vibrant, colorful aesthetic, practical layout, and laid-back interior design, this house on wheels will make you feel like you’re on vacation every day of the week.

Phoenix is the creation of Pura Vida Huts, a European builder founded in 2019 that focuses on crafting artistic tiny homes “with heart and soul” that also offer functionality, comfort, and mobility. What’s more, they build small structures aimed not only at the residential sector but also for leisure, tourism, and commercial use. The team only has a handful of models in its portfolio so far, but each tiny house they make is a fresh perspective on how clever design can help create practical yet stylish compact living spaces.

Built on a double-axle trailer, Phoenix is 6 meters (19.7 feet) long and 2.55 meters (8.4 feet) wide, but despite its compact footprint, it is surprisingly spacious. It is designed as a little, calm sanctuary on wheels that can be used either as a vacation rental in a fixed location or as a mobile home that gives you the perk of waking up to a different view whenever you feel like it.

Phoenix tiny home is perfect for a vacation rental

Photo: Pura Vida Huts

Moreover, it is a minimalist home in the true sense of the word, filled only with what is truly necessary and characterized by simplicity, clean lines, and a simple palette, with colors used as accents. This simplicity makes it easy to customize, and indeed, the builder says it is available in different colors, both exterior and interior.

The decor inside this home is inspired by woodlands and highlighted by natural tones, wood, and greens. The layout is also uncomplicated, with the living space basically divided into three areas, including a living/kitchen area, a ground-floor bedroom, and a separate bathroom. For those who need extra living space, the company can add a small loft over the bathroom to fit a twin bed where a child can sleep comfortably.

The dual glass doors instantly make the entryway inviting and welcome you inside the open-concept living and cooking space. A comfy sofa and a coffee table face the large entry doors, and there is also a picture window behind the sofa. This makes the space wonderfully open to the outside and incredibly luminous due to the abundance of natural light that gets inside.

Phoenix tiny home is perfect for a vacation rental

Photo: Pura Vida Huts

Since tiny dwellers tend to spend more time outside, the company also offers an optional front deck, and this open configuration is great for turning the entire lounging part of the house into an indoor/outdoor living space.

The common living area also comprises a small kitchenette with only a base cabinet, an upper cabinet, and a sink. This might be an indication that the builder designed this model specifically for use as a vacation rental rather than for permanent living. However, those who want to make it their full-time living space can still add more functionality to the cooking space with a portable cooktop, a fridge, or other plug-in appliances.

The bedroom inside Phoenix is compact and only fits a double bed, but it looks like a private oasis for relaxation with a comfy mattress and a large window that follows the shape of the gable and offers stunning views of the surrounding nature.

The bathroom is spacious enough to fit all the basic necessities, including a glass-enclosed shower, a toilet, and a vanity. Both the bedroom and the bathroom offer complete privacy thanks to sliding doors.

Phoenix tiny home is perfect for a vacation rental

Photo: Pura Vida Huts

In terms of construction, Phoenix boasts a steel frame and spruce wood structure and comes with 15 cm (5.9 inches) of rock wool insulation, anti-condensation foil, and two rows of OSB board, which makes it suitable for year-round living. Both the exterior and interior walls are finished with treated wood paneling painted in vivid colors for a bright and cheerful ambiance. For optimized comfort in the cold season, the home comes equipped with electric underfloor heating with a thermostat, as well as an electric fireplace that can heat.

The Phoenix tiny home is sold fully furnished and ready to be lived in, with a boiler of at least 25 liters (6.6 gallons), a memory foam mattress, and ample storage space under the bed.

The only caveats are that Pura Vida Huts only delivers their tiny homes in Europe, and they are designed to function on the grid, with main connections on water and electricity. However, if you want a more self-sufficient tiny living experience, you can always install off-grid systems like solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system, and a composting toilet.

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