Tour a Hollywood Producer’s Historic LA Craftsman With Colorful French Flair

Sensing that Burr was willing to take risks and go big, Giannasio pushed the envelope in one of their early design meetings, pitching bold elements like an integrated antique mirror onto the ceiling and hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper in the kitchen. “Initially I had proposed a more woodsy, Muir Woods–inspired collection, but I happened to have a few chinoiserie samples on hand—it was love at first sight and Burr knew it belonged.” The whole job took about a year and a half, and decorative objects and vintage pieces were sourced from LA favorites like the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, Hollywood at Home, Pierce & Ward, and Nicky Kehoe.

Being friends before embarking on this project had its advantages. “Having been to my fair share of events at Kristin’s home, I knew the failings of the kitchen and had an understanding of how she had typically used it,” Giannasio says. “She’s an exceptional hostess with an amazing group of friends and personalities—both human and canine.” Knowing exactly what she likes, the designer describes the biggest challenge as balancing Burr’s more formal, French-influenced aesthetic with a rustic, historic home. One of the ways they accomplished this was settling on a largely green palette, which, she adds, “acted as a bridge to the nature-loving Craftsman roots of the space, rather than a bolder pink palette we were originally leaning towards.” Another was replacing the wood floors in the kitchen with striking gray-and-white marble tiling. “The rest of the home was quite dark, even when properly lit,” says Giannasio. “So we enlivened the bland white walls with bold color, which was instantly transformative.”

The kitchen is Giannasio’s favorite room, where she incorporated the influence of European Art Nouveau cafés and their mirror-paneled walls and ceilings. “It’s a stunner and catches my breath every time,” she says. As for Burr: “I was a bit worried we had too much deep green. We considered a magenta look for the kitchen that was just gorgeous, but Giannasio pointed out how the greenery outside really complemented the interior,” she says, considering the finished result. “And she was right.”

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“The home is a historic Craftsman, but its rustic characteristics belie the glamor of its dynamic owner,” says interior designer Breeze Giannasio, speaking about homeowner and film producer Kristin Burr, a seasoned Hollywood executive. “There’s an antique daybed that I’d always had in the corner of the living room. It was really cool looking but no one ever sat in it,” explains Burr. “Breeze had the idea of making it into a TV frame; now it’s a piece of art.” The ceiling wall covering, de Gournay’s Icarus on Gentleman’s Pink dyed silk, is dotted with painted butterflies.


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