Living Spaces’ nationwide expansion continues

Creating a new kind of furniture retail experience

Living Spaces CEO, Grover Geiselman and his co-founder Sharm Scheuerman have transformed their experiences with retailers into a catalyst for success. Their passion for creating positive customer experiences led them to establish one of the fastest-growing furniture and home accessories retailers in the US. By focusing on providing exceptional service and quality products, they have quickly become industry leaders, delighting customers, and propelling their company’s impressive growth.

“Twenty years ago, I had a frustrating experience buying furniture which set Sharm and I on a mission to simplify the shopping process” recalls Geiselman.

Searching for a mentor, the pair reached out to Texan retail legend “Mattress Mack” McIngvale of Gallery Furniture in Houston. With McIngvale’s blessing, the pair began a deep dive into every facet of the business.

Sweating the details

“We unloaded trucks, helped guests on the showroom floor, and went on deliveries,” shares Geiselman, reflecting on their hands-on experience in the retail industry. It was during these moments that they started envisioning ways to revolutionize the furniture shopping experience, transforming it from a mundane task into an enjoyable journey. Their determination to provide customers with a seamless and remarkable experience laid the foundation for the rapid growth of their company, turning Living Spaces into one of the leading furniture and home accessories retailers in the US.

The pair soon opened their first outlet in California. “When we were getting started, Sharm and I just wanted to make that first store in Rancho Cucamonga a success.” Geiselman acknowledges. “We hoped we could grow the business into something bigger but were too busy sweating the details to worry about the future.”

Geiselman and Scheuerman’s single-minded focus on creating an improved customer experience based on “big selection, excellent prices, and immediate delivery” quickly paid dividends for Living Spaces. As the business became more successful and established, however, the founders’ focus shifted from “sweating the details” to formulating an altogether grander vision for the company.

Crossing the River 

“Building a business is like crossing a river” says Geiselman. “It’s dangerous to stop in the middle. We have to keep innovating and growing and building new competitive advantages.”

This shift in perspective bought aggressive growth to the forefront of Living Spaces’ future plans – and marked the start of a long and fruitful relationship with JLL as their chosen partner for realizing their ambitions.

In the years since, JLL’s advice and expertise has assisted the discovery and selection of new sites for Living Spaces’ retail stores and distribution centres – and Geiselman is quick to acknowledge the importance of JLL’s local market intelligence and in-depth analysis when it comes to making these key decisions.

“When you make important decisions fast, you choose a partner you can really trust. JLL has been that partner for Living Spaces” he says. The company’s continuing expansion attests to a fruitful and successful relationship – as of 2023, Living Spaces’ network of stores and distribution centers has expanded beyond their La Mirada, California base into Nevada, Arizona and, most recently, Geiselman’s native Texas.

“Throughout this journey, we’ve had an incredible partnership with JLL” Geiselman enthuses. “Every time we’ve looked at opening a new store or a distribution centre, we’ve gone to them.”

Realizing the vision

What exciting opportunities lies ahead for Living Spaces and JLL on their collaborative journey? Geiselman is clear that, for all they’ve achieved, the company has still greater ambitions.

“We’ve come a long way from loading trucks. We now have 35 stores in the US with six more planned on the way in the next two years” he says.

“In the next twenty years, we will continue growing until we have stores in the top 50 metro areas in the country.”

Naveen Jaggi, President of Retail Advisory Services, Americas at JLL, attributes the enduring success of the partnership to the fundamental nature of their business. He states, “Our business is not a transactional business – it is a relationship and trust business. And for that, I thank Living Spaces for trusting us with their most valuable asset – their business.” This profound trust from Living Spaces has played a pivotal role in fostering a strong and fruitful collaboration between the two organizations. Geiselman is equally emphatic about the role JLL will play in pursuing this vision: JLL is “ committed to understanding our business model thoroughly and finding the best solution for our needs. And that culture of excellence is what Living Spaces is all about.”


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